Thursday, December 13, 2012

Most social weekend ever

Last weekend we behaved like a pregnant couple stocking up on social engagements before baby arrives. Kinda exhausting actually. Am eager to slow it down a bit and feather the nest for our boy. Regardless, we had a lot of fun! I really do love the holiday season.

[All but one of the photos in this post are from my Instagram account. They rolled out profiles not long ago. Check my page out here!]


Saturday was jam packed. Sergio dragged me out to the Apple store to visit the genius bar, only for us to be turned away because we didn't have an appointment. (My iPhone battery is draining crazy quick.) Then we stopped by Home Depot where we ran into Betsy's parents! It's a location we and they both never visit so it was a real coincidence. As night fell, we commenced our ambitious evening of three parties in three vastly different parts of the city. Yep. We are crazy.

Beautiful @chaparral_studio at work/shop. upload My @shopbando ❤clutch has a cherry topped accessory tonight. Second dinner, appetizer plate. Homemade Indian food by @alpnap2k is worth saving room for.

Top two photos are from Work/Shop - How could I resist hanging with all these talented ladies all at once? Plus, any chance I get to grab a hug from Bianca I'll take. That gal gives the best hugs. Plus plus, Summer was coming from SD and well, I just had to meet her. She's kind of the bomb diggity.

Bottom Left is my heart clutch from Jen and ginger ale with two cherries please. Every other year my work throws a holiday party for adults. (The other year is a kid centric brunch complete with kiddo height buffet line.) The party was sort of a big debut for my belly. Some work people still didn't know I was pregnant! But there sure was no missing it at the party. Everyone is so nice when you're baking up a baby.

Bottom right is my plate at Alpna and Hitesh's Annual Phoney Christmas dinner. We got there just in time to see everyone at least for a moment. Alpna is a superb cook and really, there is no excuse to miss out on her elaborate multi-course event of homecooked indian food. She even makes her own custom chai spice mix. Delightful.


Just a tad more mellow than the previous day. We ended up back at the Apple store for our appointment.  Then lunch in with my parents in Chinatown. Then home for chores. I started the "Great Stuff Purge for Baby Stuff of 2012-2013".

Lunch with mom & dad. Dad and Sergio in Chinatown. When the light turns gold. Nothing like a baby on the way to spur closet purge.

Wow. Tired.

Anyway, hope your holidays are going swell!

Holiday 2012 portraits

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