Saturday, March 23, 2013

38 weeks!

My first week off work was really tiring. I think maybe I'm doing too much. I have to take it easy - especially since that's what my Dr. ordered. He's on vacation this week and won't be back until April 1! He basically said don't do anything that might trigger early labor. No heavy lifting, no jumping up and down, not even taking the stairs. Sigh. I am after a particularly packed day, even by my pre-pregnant standards. I'm pretty tuckered out.

I've been feeling more Braxton-Hicks so Sergio is forbidding me from even light shopping trips where I have to walk for longer than a few minutes. I'm pretty anxious about delivering without my Dr. (who we adore) so I will comply. Boo.

Poor Sergio might be even more tired though. He's really turned up the nesting to get the house ready in time for baby. Lots of heavy object organizing etc. he's moved his office, cleaned out the garage and basement. What does the basement or garage have to do with baby, you may ask? Well, to make way for the nursery, we need to clear out his old office, which meant we needed storage space. It's an exhausting and tedious process but so necessary. I really want to show you guys all his work but my laptop is on the fritz again. I'm posting this from my phone and it's not ideal, especially if I want to show photos.

Well, hopefully baby stays put and gives us a chance to pull ourselves together to meet him properly!

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  1. Don't worry - that baby is coming April 7 and will be a fantastic birthday partner for me! One day past due sounds just right.

    Getting so excited to meet him! Let me know when you have some signs of labor and I'll go buy ingredients to make soup :)

    Miss you!