Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Luca - One Week

[NOTE: I found this post in my drafts long after the week had passed but back dated it so it would appear in correct sequence on the blog. My laptop broke and I sort of lost track of the post. It's hard to remember to blog from my phone. But Sergio got me a new to me computer and I'm happy to be back!]



It's like a lifetime has happened in the space between Luca's arrival and now. We are relishing these incredible, irreplaceable moments of growth and change. Our lives are so different yet so much the same. Sergio and I are closer than ever and I'm proud of our teamwork. Sergio has been especially thoughtful and sensitive to my postpartum recovery. He's taken on a large number of house projects and chores all on his own and I am so grateful. A lot of people say that once they have children, they can't imagine life without them. For me, I surely can imagine life without Luca in it. But now, I would never choose that life. This is my life now and it's perfect.


Sometimes, at the end of an evening feeding in bed, I put him on my chest, stomach down. He bends his little legs, pulls his knees in and sticks his bum up like a whelp. He turns his head, lays his cheek down and burrows in. Deep into my heart.

Luca - 1 week

Another big milestone this little guy reached today is the falling of his umbilical cord stump. It was a little melancholy for me - it was a vestige from our time together during pregnancy.


Love this tiny, squirmy, squeaking, grunting creature so much.

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