Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Luca's Room

When I began building our nursery design inspiration board on pinterest, I was falling in love with a lot of what is popular these days. Soft whites, grays. Some brass and or silver accents. I wanted the aesthetic to be adult friendly. But then, after a conversation with our doula about infant brain development, we changed tracks completely. Our new plan was to fill the room with contrast and brightness -- but how to do it without seeming garish or looking like a preschool?

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have caught a preview months ago:

More nursery. #babyluca Plan to blog the nursery details soon but here's a wider shot for @modernhaus now. #babyluca

We think we achieved a good balance between brain stimulating colors and patterns and integration with our style. We think Luca likes his room too. He loves staring at the curtains and artwork. He immediately seems to feel more calm yet alert when we bring him into his room.








Click here to see the full album of photos.

We finished the room just in time for Luca's newborn portraits. You can see the portraits and better shots of the room on our photographer's blog: maggiekeegangross.com.

It was pretty tough and Sergio did all the work. I think I helped hold up a part when he assembled the crib, but that's about it. I was busy recovering and caring for Luca to have much impact on the transformation. Not that I kept my opinions to myself. I have a nearly complete blog post dated March 23, 2013 titled: Baby Room Progress. I might still post that just for personal archival purposes. I really wanted everything to be done before the baby arrived, but we just couldn't. Sergio did so much exhausting work leading up to the baby room, and then the baby came early!

It's my favorite room in the house now. And it's the most complete. I wish we spent as much time thinking about our own bedroom as we did Luca's.

The lowdown.
Paint: Jill's Paint - Mythic Sweet Sunrise // Mythic Deep Sea Depths // Black Chalkboard Paint
Changing table: Modernhaus
Art: Large watercolor abstract by Nora Kersh // Desert circle (Palm Springs) photograph by Kate Miss // Abstract cat: Pablo's cat by Nora Kersh // Killer whale, rocket ship, monkey illustration triptych: Sergio Spina // Pet the cat illustration by Matt Spangler
Crib: Babyletto Hudson
Hanging plant pot: TW Pottery
Vintage porthole: eBay
Pouf: Target
Rug: Ikea
Curtains: Ikea
Credenza unit: Ikea
Small bookcase: St. Vincent's Thriftshop


  1. Holy crap Elsie! I want to live in Luca's room. That is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Stephen! We love it and hope Luca does too. :)

  2. Agree with Stephen! Great work.

    1. thanks Betsy! It was fun to put together.