Sunday, June 16, 2013


Me and my dad, 1978

We celebrated Dad's 83rd birthday a week and a half ago. (Random bit of trivia: In the year he was born, the chocolate chip cookie was invented.) Through him, my sister and I learned a love of nature and knowledge. We gained a deep appreciation for adventures, regardless of how modest they may be. For years, both he and my mom toiled at hard, thankless jobs so we could have what we do now. Neither of my parents were fortunate enough to have formal schooling and my dad especially, drilled into us the importance of it in our lives. I remember him telling us distinctly, "In life, anything can be taken away from you except for your knowledge." I'm paraphrasing from a childhood conversation in Chinese so it probably isn't exact. But you get the gist.

Dad-in-camera-gear Dad_lifting_rocks
He's the strongest man I know.

Love you Papi!

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  1. Awww! you're gonna make me cry!

    I've never seen that picture of dad holding up that rock. I wonder where that place is...