Saturday, August 24, 2013

Luca meets Nora & Bebi

Luca got to meet his Nonna and Nonno! I think it was a love fest all the way around.


They were in town for just over a week. We went to the Norton Simon Museum and LACMA.

upload IMG_5345
Twombly & Jones helping me conquer nursing-in-public fears. #newmama Kohn

We ate out at Malibu Seafood (where my parents and Chi met up with us), Ray's, Eat.Drink.Americano, Messhall Kitchen, and Din Tai Fung.

Friday soup is always clam chowder.

Crazy dancing legs one minute, fast asleep the next. #latergramfrom yesterday.  #lucalauspina #babyluca LA

We hung out at Cafe de Leche (where we met up with Tracy), Handsome Coffee Roasters (where we met up with Bonnie and the Spinas got to speak Italian with an Italian named Antonio), and Urth Caffe. Bebi helped us figure out how to use the espresso machine we got from Jen and Andrew to make cafe worthy caffe at home.

We invaded Tracy's amazing home in Mount Washington to enjoy wine with the sunset and peruse her beautiful pottery. In return, Nora peered into Tracy's future for her.

Discussions. cc @twworkshop

We made meals at home and finally enjoyed the backyard. Nora prepared most of the meals but my mom and I collaborated on one big dinner. We even managed to stroll through our local artwalk and partake in Scoops ice cream.

The visit seemed so short! Hopefully we'll be able to join them in New Hampshire next year!

International Rummy.  Those are @spinadesign 's parents in from Italy!

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