Sunday, February 9, 2014

Luca - Month 10


Luca is full on crawling now. So quick! In fact, he feet are always moving. It's impossible to get a non-blurry photo of him. And he's so fidgety like his dad.
Note from 1/22/14: Luca crawled for real today! He might have done it earlier in the day at mom's house but tonight was the first time we saw it.
Sometimes he tries to sneak off to where he knows we don't want him to go. He is so quietly creeping along while we're not looking. When he sees us catch him, he throws one backwards glance, breaks into a giant smile and then SPEEDS UP before we've even said anything! He's trying to reach his destination before we stop him! Oh boy. A bit of insight into the mischief we'll be dealing with in the future...


He reaches out his hand for things he sees and wants.

Note from 1/24/13: Luca saw the stars for the first time. When he did he stretched his arms up and reach out to them with his little hands. This was last week, maybe Monday?
He waves back! And if he's real excited, he'll wave both hands.


Not sure why but he hates having his diaper changed. Like nearly red-faced screaming hate. We're perplexed and not really sure what to do about it.


He's having the beginnings of separation anxiety and stranger aversion. He used to go with just about anyone. But just recently he has begun to pout and cry if we hand him off to someone he hasn't immediately connected with. He'll usually warm up but it takes a little bit now. Of course, it's the worst if he is tired. I SO get the whole nap schedule thing. It's like this tenuous dance between almost tired and too tired. He just isn't quite his jolly self if he misses a nap or hasn't napped enough.

of course this means he's finally a napper! Unfortunately his naps are fairly short and he needs all sorts of assistance to stay asleep (bouncing). I really didn't want to fall into the trap where our baby needs to be bounced in order to fall asleep but it just sort of happened.


I think we will start weaning him when he turns one. My milk may dry up before then but that is the current goal. He is eating a lot of food now so I don't think the transition will be too difficult. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. No teeth yet but he's doing fine gumming all sorts of food. He still loves oranges! And congee. And...anything savory. I've relented on the no salt rule. He still doesn't get a lot of it but it just didn't seem right to keep him on super bland stuff. I'm trying to share our food as much as possible right now so his palate opens up before he starts getting picky. I'm still strict about no processed sugar though.

He loves his Po Po (my mom)! It's so cute to see him watch her when she gets up to leave the room or reach out to her from across the room to be picked up. Of course, when he's at her house, he is always held. But I guess that's what grandmas do right? His Gong Gong (my dad) have a sweet reporte as well. My dad isn't really strong enough to pick Luca up or hold him a long time, but he does interact with him. My dad puts his hand out for Luca who will reach out to touch it.


See the other few photos that are part of this set here. I'm definitely unable to blog as much as before but Instagram has become my creative outlet. I post a lot on there. So follow me if you want. That is where most of my Luca photos end up! @elauinc

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