Tuesday, October 27, 2015

China - Itinerary

My cousin got married! In China! Mt mom and I got to go! It was an amazing trip. Probably a once in a lifetime experience to travel one-on-one with my mom. I was grateful every step of the way.

Guang Zhou 4 nights
Tai Shan 1 night
Guang Zhou 2 nights
Beijing 2 nights (should have been 3 nights but missed our flight, which meant we spent an extra night in GZ)
Guang Zhou 1 night
Hong Kong 3 nights
Guang Zhou 1 night

The big event took place early in Guang Zhou which became our home base. There is definitely a more efficient way to travel that would have allowed us to loop in additional cities and sights. But family and cost consciousness was wound tightly around this trip which dictated many of the moves we made.

I can't even list all the different foods and meals we ate. I learned a lot about...everything. I missed Sergio and Luca like crazy.

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