Sunday, March 13, 2016

We are house hunting!

I started this blog to essentially document our very first house hunt. So we've come full circle. We've sold our home and are looking for a new one - hopefully the one we'll be in for a long time, the one in which Luca will grow up. Good schools are at the top of the list, as is a nice house in a style we like, and a view. For me, schools are the most important factor. I would be willing to overlook the other items on the list if the schools are good. Those two items are probably much more important to Sergio. There are a few styles he absolutely cannot stand, but he would be willing to trade a nice pool for a good view.

In early fall of 2015, Jeff came to visit and was talking about possibly moving back to L.A. from Northern California. He was interested in seeing some of the neighborhoods around us, so Sergio took him up to Mount Washington -- our favorite neighborhood. They saw a couple of really nice houses for sale and thought I would like one of them in particular. Sergio took me to see it the next day. I loved it. LOVED it. We talked to the agent a little. Told her about our agent, and it turned out they knew each other, which seemed promising. We made some phone calls with our agent. We might be able to afford it once we sold ours. The other agent was willing work with us if our offer was strong. We chatted some more. Turned out the house was going to go for over a million. There was no way we could compete.

This is that house. Such a beauty. The new owners are so lucky!

So we decided to get back on the sidelines. We weren't quite ready yet. Our agent thought our house would sell for a little less than Sergio estimated, and it was lower than what she had said earlier. Waiting seemed like a good idea.


  1. This is such amazing and exciting news. Hunting for a new house is such a truly wonderful feeling. The chance to find the right house really takes time. But I know that your journey for that house will end in the right space for you. Best wishes on your new plan in life and your true happiness.

  2. I guess that is life - we have to do trade-ins to get what we can afford. Good luck with the house search, you will find something soon. The most important is to keep faith and know that your home is out there somewhere waiting for you! Good luck and don't lose hope just yet!