Sunday, June 14, 2009

Enchilada Lady

On 6.13.2009 we met the Enchilada Lady.

This moniker was granted by her daughter, Angie Perez, who invited us to her home to taste her mother's culinary specialty.

Jenny & Angie (wearing her MA hood)

Angie's voicemail invitation was extraordinarily adorable:
Hi Elsie this is Angie. I just wanted to let you know that mom is gonna to make enchiladas on Saturday at 5PM to celebrate my graduation. It's just to eat enchiladas, it's not a party at all. I'm very happy, I wanted to invite you and your hubby, ah..Sergio to come over and eat enchiladas and then that's it. You know, nothing big..just come and join me. My mom makes the best enchiladas. Hope you can come. Bye bye.

This was the first time Angie invited us to her home and we were humbled and so appreciative to be included. And her mom's enchiladas? They. Were. The BEST. Enchiladas. EVER. E-V-E-R.

mama in action

I have never tasted enchiladas like these--probably because they were homemade and with such love.

Beef Tongue & Cheek anyone? It's a specialty and how could we refuse such gracious hostesses?

The flavor was not bad. Tasty. But I have to say, the texture is a bit...odd.

And oh, the best thing ever happened while we were chatting outside. A van drove slowly up the street, horn honking. What's that about? "He sells bread," said Angie.

Oh really? hmm... curiousity piqued, we went to check it out when he came back around. The van doors were slid open already and we got an eyefull of glorious goodies:

Not just bread...he had Mexican SWEET bread!! Of course, I ran to grab my wallet and promptly picked out some delicious pan dulce. I swear, if this van could trail could make some serious bank!

It was a great evening. If only I remembered to take out my camera earlier in the day when I got to meet cutie pie Miles. Hopefully Jennie will send me a couple pics she grabbed so I can post.

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