Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Meals 6.5.09 & 6.6.09

Kogi BBQ Tacos: Tofu, Spicy Pork, Short Ribs

We got started at the salon for Jenny's appnts at about 9:20AM, Saturday. The makeup application was about 1.5 hours. Mom had to get to work so I took her home after that appnt and convinced Sergio to drive me back to the salon for the hair appnt with the promise of a lunch meal...

By the time we got back to the salon, Jenny was getting the finishing touches on her updo. Off to the CoffeeTable for Sergio's promised grub!

Turkey Cheeseburger for Sergio, Veggie Soup & Asian Chicken Salad for me. We shared a Mango Smoothie. Jenny got a Tuna Melt with fries.

Not long after this meal though...I started to not feel so good. We had a meeting with our real estate agent and fortunately, she offered to meet us at our place. I needed to get home quick. Could it have been the Kogi we got the night before to cause such ickiness?

But it was so delicious....say it ain't so!

Sergio and I shared the sliders (the absolute highlight!). He had a burrito and I had tacos.

We sat on the stoop of Pete's Pet Supply Store and polished off our food. Such a perfect fusion of Korean BBQ and Mexican cuisine. It is a lunch truck afterall. Maybe the culprit, maybe not. It was indeed tasty but we'll be avoiding Kogi for a bit...just in case.

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