Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jenny's Trial Makeup/Hair

This past Saturday, I had appts at the Loft Hair Lounge in Eagle Rock for Jenny's trial Makeup/Hair. I choose the Loft because of reviews on Yelp! and the fact that I had a not bad experience there last year with a hair cut. Not fab but not bad. They are way more affordable then Joyce Luck who we wish we could afford, and the location is extremely convenient to the ceremony at Oxy!

The is the first time Jenny had make-up professionally applied. How exciting!

Jennifer did her makeup. We all thought she was so cute - like a living barbie doll.

Christine cut six inches off of Jenny's hair (Not that anyone could really notice. It's so long!) and did an updo acccording to magazine tearouts that Jenny brought. The hair turned out so pretty!

VoilĂ ! The princess bride. Wait 'till you see her in her dress!

I can't believe her wedding is two weeks away!!

(Note: I currently do not fit into my maid-of-honor gown. GULP. I can be zipped up and can breathe, kinda. But there will be no eating that night for me. Wonder how much poundage I can lose if I really try for two weeks?)

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