Friday, July 3, 2009

The Big Move

Myfa and Chi came to help us move the rest of the heavy stuff that first morning. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics. I was so very tired and so hectic with trying to pack stuff quick enough for them to make the trips back and forth. Afterwards, we feasted on Vietnamese Charbroiled pork sandwiches and Vietnamese Iced Coffee, courtesy of mom who ordered takeout.

THANK YOU Myfa and Chi for spending your entire Saturday morning hauling our stuff from one place to another.

We got most of it but still too much left at that little house. We cannot believe how much stuff we have. How is it possible that we fit so many things in that tiny place? I guess it wasn't THAT small, huh?

Our former home. Pictured here the morning after our wedding celebration in 2008. That front yard was the scene of many, many gatherings -- large and small. Much laughter & merriment was had - pumpkin carvings, potlucks, late summer night gelato hour, roasted marshmallows, and even an impromptu mariachi concert! It's a cozy home, capable of some amazing times. We made the fondest of memories here -- hope it's the same for you Jenny & Chi!

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