Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our first morning


Big thanks to Betsy and Justin for helping us with their muscles and pick-up truck. This enabled us to spend our very first night in our new house.

Here Justin and Sergio had just plopped down the mattress. Betsy had me and Sergio jump in for a quick pic.

(Pizza & wine capped the evening.)

They also helped with the washer&dryer. We are so grateful for this!! The washer especially is VERY heavy. And Justin was just coming off a crazy bike-related tumble (thank god for helmets!). I was like, " I think we have to leave the washer." He was like, "I think we can do it. We can do anything." And he (& Sergio) did it. It was so awesome.

Our first morning

We woke to chirping birds, streaming sunlight, and Micio breaking & escaping through the window screen. Sigh. So much cat drama. Would rather forget than remember so I will not blog about it. Ask me IRL if you really want to know and I'll tell it to the best of my memory. Key points: 1) Micio is an expert window screen clawer 2) Mia hid her head in the bushes like an ostrich. I guess the sky is still scary, even at the new place.

Anyway, loved how pretty the light was that morning.

Made a rudimentary video of the unmade bed and just moved in boxes. I sort of stumbled upon this MS software whilst searching for a way to compress the file size. Sorry but it's my first ever video and it got cut off somehow. I chose the music semi-randomly. I just really dig Zooey's voice. In this song, it sounds like a mellow morning to me.

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