Monday, August 24, 2009

A Bubble Lamp of our very own....

Sergio admired the George Nelson bubble lamp since before he knew that they were called bubble lamps. We had no idea how popular they were. We saw two large cigar styles hanging in a mostly empty store front that was for lease. I called the leasing company to ask about the lamps -- to ask if they were for sale. They lady was nice enough to call back and tell us they were not available for sale.

Well, we know what they are now. And last Saturday, Modernica had a 2-hour half-off open box sale on gently used bubbles! This was at their warehouse in downtown and the lamps were either displays or retired film/tv props, in near perfect condition. They called it their Super Secret Sale but it must not have been that secret if I knew about it.

We showed up just before the appointed sale start time and there was a line! It wasn't very deep thankfully. It was kind of exciting when they let us in. I could feel eveyone wanting to rush in but being so cool and nonchalent about it. Once inside everyone was almost tripping over each other, tearing into boxes to find what they wanted. Sergio and I got in line with the pear, which is what I picked out the night before. We had both the small and medium sizes with us and couldn't figure out which was better for the space. Sergio hopped out of line to see if he could find something else and came across a totally new, unopened, still factory sealed saucer! The shorter height would fit so much better than either sized pear.

(nighttime shot. We need a lower wattage bulb . It's a bit bright.)

You know, the only thing better would have been if it was vintage -- I'm such a big fan of recycling, reusing. But, I'm not complaining. Our saucer is so pretty and glowy.

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