Sunday, August 23, 2009

New fashion lust

Clare Vivier is an LA based handbag and accessories designer. I formerly wanted La Trop....but now, I'm wanting the Messenger in Aubergine. (photo from her blog: But, since it is $240, it probably will not happen. I already treated myself to an aubergine FURLA (from their gorgeous Piazza di Spangna store no less!) when we were in Rome last -- see right, I am proudly toting my new purchase, waiting for our train back to Sutri. It was post holiday Saldi Saldi Saldi everywhere -- the only way I could afford anything EURO priced. But wait, it was a couple years ago. It must be time for another utterly frivolous all about me luxe purchase ...

No. Must. not. succumb. to. fabulous. fashion! argh!

All money is being poured into the new Lau/Spina homestead. We are now the proud owners of a new sewer line. That was two weeks ago. Oh hey, speaking of plumbing, guess what? We walked into our basement this afternoon and found our ancient water heater nestled in an alarmingly large pool of water that wasn't there the day before. Yay! More plumbing fun!! After inspecting the water heater carefully and identifying the leak origin point, I trudged upstairs, stalked dejectedly to the bedroom, and face-planted into our bed with a groan. I couldn't believe it. When will it stop!?!

Apparently, not anytime soon.

Later that night, Sergio jumped online to research possible causes for Mia's yellow/white, foamy throw-up. Two overwhelming possibilities: 1) Rabies 2) Poison. We are now watching her like hawks. The poor little thing. I actually hadn't realized how bony her shoulders and spine area had gotten. She hasn't really been eating. Sergio ran out to pick up canned wet food. She hungrily slurped that up but it looked like it was painful for her to chew and swallow solids. So, it's a vet visit tomorrow. Yay! What's another couple hundred dollars it inevitably will be?!? Yay! Seriously. This is awesome. Here's a pic of Mia from when she was a baby. She feel asleep tangled up in the straps of my hand bag.

Which brings me back to Clare. Sorry. Didn't mean for my original gush letter to a fab designer turn into an angry missive on financial woes.

Deep breath.

There are a couple of places that carry her bags in LA. But I kind of want to show up at her house and beg her to sell me one at a discount. Maybe one that's been scratched up or got coffee spilled on it..or... I'm just not crazy enough. yet. Apparently she is friends and neighbors with Jeana Sohn who's blog I also follow, who I discovered at a GR2 art exhibit many, many years ago (oh boy do I regret not purchasing one of those whimsical eggs!). Her fashion is impeccable and she loves her La Trop and that's how I found Clare Vivier.

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  1. I found La Trop on Jeana's blog too and got it, and now I've also been eyeing the Messenger! I'm saving up for it, hope you get yours soon, it's sooo gorgeous!