Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Come on Mia! You can do it!

Her tests confirmed some sort of liver disease. They don't know exactly what it is. She's really sick and the vet is not optimistic regardless of what it is she has.

Our options:

1) Run more tests: x-ray, ultrasound....all of it would be in the thousand dollar range, more actually. Treatment wouldn't change all that much because we honestly cannot afford surgeries or anything aggressive like that.
2) Treat the symptoms.
3) Put her to sleep.

We chose option 2. So, he sent us home with supplies: needles and bag for IV hydration, antibiotics, and a feeding syringe. We need to hydrate her every other day or so and feed her often. Her food is liquefied soft food.

The antibiotics were pretty easy to administer. Feeding has been a challenge as she has no appetite. She actually growled at us and she never does that! We haven't tried the IV yet. We'll try that tomorrow since she got doses yesterday and today at the vet's office. The doc said that if she doesn't get better by the end of the week, we need to seriously consider option 3.

I do not want to consider option 3.

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