Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mia whimpering is the most awful sound

We did the IV hydration thing tonight. It took us a couple tries with the needle. She whimpered and cried when we stuck her.

She looked awful when I came home today. She is so weak and scrawny. Her fur is getting matted where she spits up the food we try to feed her. We tried to give her this new pill that the doctor gave us that's supposed to be really good for the liver. She kept spitting it back out and foaming. We tried to hold her mouth closed so she would swallow it but she cried and struggled. Finally, Sergio squirted some water in with a dropper and she swallowed it. Then, Sergio and I were discussing what seems like the inevitable and it was too much for me. I lay down next to Mia, kept petting her, looked at that adorable face and just totally lost it. Sergio came over to take over the petting. I had to get up and do the dishes to distract myself.

Then she threw the pill up about 45 minutes later. It just doesn't look good.

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