Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mommy's 60th -- Sushi feast!!

Mom's birthday dinner was quite the raw fish extravaganza.

ohh...it was so good! Sergio and I have not had sushi in quite some time and boy did this hit that
spot. We ordered much from the Specials menu and that is really the way to go. Everything was so much fresher and tastier off that menu. We had lots: yellowtail, seabream, salmon, tuna, black cod, spicy tuna rolls, fresh ikura, fresh unagi...

Papi, not a sushi lover, got a two cooked fish dish with root vegetables--came with salad, rice and miso soup. He was not impressed. It looked good to me. I tasted some and I thought it was tasty. The man is hard to please when it comes to eating out, especially when it involves fish, his favorite.

Sergio and I were early so enjoyed a bottle of sake while we waited.

(Ikura is one of MY favorites. yum.)

Perhaps the best part of the night was to see mom giggle like a schoolgirl about the fresh unagi. She had seen it featured on one of her favorite TV shows that involves fancy restaurants and interesting foods from around the world. "I never thought that I would ever get to eat this!" she said. It was fresh, sweet, bright and oceany but not fishy at all. delectable. Mom was pretty content with just that.

They gave us a giant bowl of mochi ice cream and lychee ice cream.

But then, we went back to M&D's house to have cake and more ice cream. Yep. Ice cream twice. That's just how we roll.

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