Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One of the most gorgeous sights...

...I've ever seen is our new sewer line being connected to the city main line:

Another beautiful sight--our new, UNBROKEN, non-clay sewer pipe:

Ain't it pretty?

Duran & Sons was a professional, clean and courteous company. They almost finished the entire job in a day. And, they had the most competitive pricing. And, they specialize in trenchless piping!

This is f-ing awesome technology. Basically, holes are made in the concrete at both ends of the pipe location. The new pipe is melded to this snake head like apparatus which is connected to a very thick cable at the tip, which then is squeezed into the back end of the old pipe. A hydraulic machine sitting in the hole at the front end of the pipe forceably pulls the head through the old pipe space, using the cable. Since our pipe was clay, it just broke the old pipe apart as it snaked its way through, leaving the new pipe in its place! Genius.

This saved us from having to jackhammer the entire length of the driveway - saving time, money and materials.

Making the back hole:

A hole is made at the front on our driveway (below right two).

See the thick cable (below right)?

Before they left, they cleaned up, rinsed and swept up the entire area. They took away the jackhammered concrete debris. And they put tape around the concrete patching they did for the hole. Stray Tabby didn't seem to care. There were paw prints in it about an hour later. But, the guys came back the next morning to finish filling the upper hole with concrete and fixed the paw prints in the driveway.

The guys. The one in the middle is one of the Sons from Duran & Sons.

Hydraulic machine:


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