Sunday, September 27, 2009

Alpna's Birthday 2009

Happy Birthday Alpna!

Hitesh organized a dinner party for Alpna's birthday at Il Fornaio restaurant in Pasadena. After a lovely dinner we all retired to the bar -- which apparently turns into a tiny dance/nightclub after 10PM. Most of the guys took a field trip to a nearby cigar lounge after the first round.

Sergio stayed with the ladies and I think he might have had the better time.

I'm not knockin' the cigar lounge...but he was pretty darned happy by the time they all got back. And it looks like he is Alpna's new drinking buddy!

I volunteered to be designated driver between the two of us so this was the first time anyone ever saw him get his drink on.

We had a blast! Thanks so much Alpna and Hitesh for inviting us out to celebrate! Also, it was so great to hang out with people we rarely get to see.

Click here for more photos.

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