Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday 9.27.2009

After Saturday night's merry carousing, we needed a low key day of recovery. Chores had to wait. We paid a visit to Armon's and then stopped at a local plant/art sale fundraiser. A quick trip to Home Depot and a roadside junk sale later, we parked ourselves at home.

Sergio couldn't wait to use the pick axe he bought at the junk sale.

The stump of an old ficus tree (used to) sits at the far corner of our backyard. We don't have a final landscape design planned yet but we know it does not include ficus trees. I wouldn't normally want to cut down a tree but ficus is so destructive on pipes! (If you remember, we have first hand, experience with ficus destroying our sewer pipe.) It was a tough job and the weather was extremely hot, but Sergio and his pick axe won in the end.

I did a little gardening with the succulents we picked up during the day. The most challenging part was punching drainage holes for the green plastic planter. I didn't feel like locating the power drill so I used a screwdriver, hammer and a wood screw to make the holes. The white pots are ceramic so I left those alone. They're probably meant for indoor use. Oh well. I hope the little guys survive.

Before and after:

Any ideas for our backyard?

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