Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saturday BBQ 9.5.09

Alpna makes the most delicious, amazing, wow-inducing Masala Chicken BBQ. My mouth watered a little just now as I typed that sentence. Seriously.

She and Hitesh invited us out to a BBQ at a Torrance park. Jennie, Page, Miles and Maggie were there already when we showed up. Miles is such a cutie and so much bigger than the last time we saw him! He was in such a good mood the whole time. Check out the video of him at the end of this post!

Of course, Alpna prepared and set out a massive amount of delicious food. Including aforementioned chicken, Lime Cilantro chicken, portobellos, veggie skewers, hot dogs, watermelon, strawberries, three types of chips, buttered/skewered corn on the cob, garlic bread...and Jennie made very yummy corn bread (with actual corn kernels). It was quite the spread.

We ate until we couldn't possibly eat any more, then retired to the blankets that Alps and Tesh set out under the shade of a big tree. There we lounged, nibbling on fruit, Oreos and Chips Ahoy. The weather was perfect too. It was a ridiculously lovely day.

Look at this handsome guy!

Later, we caught a movie with Alps and Tesh at the Del Amo Fashion Center. We saw Extract, which I liked. Not sure if it is, but it definitely had an indie vibe. Very much my style. Sergio, not so much.

Afterwards I got to sit on a giant white head.

Miles doin' his thing.

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