Thursday, September 3, 2009

Yearning for papaya days

Six random musings on the eve of a long weekend

1) I'm a little sad. Summer is coming to a close and I feel like we haven't done anything. But then, we've done so much. It has gone by supersonic. I'm not sure my brain is able to keep up.

Here is a papaya we ate at the beginning of the summer, before we moved to our new house. The colors are so pretty.

2) Last Sunday, I finally broke down and had a quick session at a nail spa for a pedi-only. Most of my beauty regimen has fallen by the wayside. It's all I can do to be clean and not-smelly. (Poor Sergio.) The house has swallowed all my focus outside of work. And work is a bit whelmy right now. Not extraordinarily so. But I do have teeny panicky heart stabs once in a while when I try to think of everything all at once.

3) I spent $2,800 today. We have a new tankless water heater to show for it though. Not happy to have spent the money, but ecstatic that we chose tankless! Hopefully a graywater irrigation system will be not so much money. I have visions of MacGyver-ing it with various tubes and tanks and pumps. Come on, it can't be that difficult.

4) It's late. It's hot. There's a crazy arsonist setting deadly fires in my county. I'm about to turn on the telly for some mind-sapping TMZ and hopefully fall asleep soon.

5) Tomorrow AM, I will try to braid my half grown out bangs.

6) Tomorrow PM, I will wear eyeliner and go to my current favorite bar. And we'll walk there from our house. :)

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