Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cog and Spike

Last Saturday, while on our way to Hollywood, we spotted a couple yard sale signs tacked up on York. This essentially equated to detour signs for us. We parked and checked out three yard sales on one block. Sergio scored a pair of safety glasses for $1. Then, we stopped in at Cafe de Leche. I wore new shoes. You can just see the blister preventative measures I took--the blue Jar Jar Binks band-aid above my heel.

Just kitty-corner was a well curated collection of artsy and vintagy items, all for sale. I think four or five artist-types got together to put on the sale. There was a lady selling taxidermy specimens. She had a bat in a display box. It was a bit coolreepy. (Cool and creepy at the same time.)

Sergio got this giant cog thing. Our research tells us it's a smoke pipe/stack register. The thing rotated and regulated air/smoke that was going through the pipe. The patent was registered in the 1800's but the company is still around!

I got two old printing blocks (P and n or u) and an old iron wall mount receipt spike. The patent date says Nov 1872. Businesses like hotels used to keep these on the wall by the front desk and keep receipt stacks on them. I think some places, like diners, still use receipt spikes to this day. Not sure what we're going to do with these things. But we think they're pretty cool.

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