Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Dance-off and Dancing Windows...all in one night!

Last Friday, we were lucky to enjoy an evening at a Staple Center suite. It was a pre-season Clippers game. They played the Portland Trailblazers. Hmm...I'm embarrassed. I honestly don't remember who won. Oh wait, I remember now. The Clippers won. (erm..Go team!) I do remember well though how rockin' the middle-school all girl basketball teams were who played a quick game at half-time. They really hustled and we were impressed.

After the game, we wandered around L.A. Live. We had never been. It's like Universal City walk but newer. There was a variety of restaurants, bars, a bowling alley and lots of kids hanging out. We even witnessed an impromptu dance off!

I should have gotten closer. Sorry!

A promotional wall for Michael Jackson's This is It movie was covered with touching tributes. It was amazing to read all the proclamations of love for this man and his talent. We also got a great view of the fun dancing windows of the Met Lofts while strolling around. It's supposed to be interactive. It did seem like it was synched up to the music being broadcast at L.A. Live.

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