Thursday, October 1, 2009


I owl!

We stopped by a few yard sales last weekend. There was one particularly good one where the couple was cleaning out their four garages full of treasures.

This cute little guy was laying on a table nearly covered by other stuff. I picked him up and it was love at first sight. I did put him down again though. Sometimes I fall for some really tacky things that I think are so great but Sergio doesn't. But I kept coming back to the owl.

"Does it work?" I asked the man.

He didn't know. He said he thought it was missing a few parts. He picked it up and pulled on the chain a little. The eyes started tick-tocking to and fro. I supposed this would be construed as creepy by some. I loved it! It's like one of those little clocks in Geppetto's workshop at the end of the ride. Quite frankly, one of my favorite parts.

We spent some time cruisin' around the rest of the sale but circled back to rescue this charming fellow.

He is indeed missing a weight and we think maybe the pendulum is missing. I added a few lockless keys to the other end of the chain to help him tick.

He is currently nesting in the sunroom. This is where Sergio is going to make me put all the "ecclectic" items I rescue. Next, I'll show you the yellow ceramic hanging lamp with macrame plant holder. No, seriously. It's cute.

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