Friday, November 20, 2009

Private Concert at the Hummingbird

Last weekend was another NELA artwalk night. It's becoming a monthly activity for us. B&J joined us and as always, we had a great time with them. We all strolled down to the blvd. from our house. Our hands down favorite was MorYork Gallery. The permanent installation of found art is incredible. Giant, undulating sculptures constructed from soda can tabs suspended from the wooden beams, 4 foot tall urn/vases made of bottle tops, benches made entirely of stacked yardsticks...amazing. I didn't take any pics. You really have to see it in person to appreciate it. During the artwalk, we saw a horde of bicyclists milling around, some lit-up (double-meaning intended), some in costume. We also spied the Dosa Truck and the Nom Nom Truck! We bypassed them to appreciate the art displayed at Cafe de Leche and Kristi Engle Gallery. After getting eyefuls of art, we headed into the York for mouthfuls of drinky-drinks.

We scored a nice booth by the DJ and enjoyed a couple glasses of wine. One was from the Chasing Lions vineyard in Napa -- delicious enough for me to crave it now, almost a full week later. On the way home, we stopped in at The Hummingbird Collective. It's a collection of atists -- filmmakers, musicians, painters, etc, in a rambling building with many rooms and a long hallway. There, we met JJ and Delilah. JJ let us go up to the roof patio and then he gave us a private concert. The song he wrote for Delilah was especially sweet. They invited us back for a bigger party on 11/28th. JJ's band goes on at 11. We are sooo there! Join us!


  1. That was a great night. I had been hoping you would write about it. Thanks for sharing the photos and links - and thanks for bringing us out for the fun times.

  2. Of course!! And I got such a great photo of you -- I HAD to post it. We always have a great time hanging with you guys.