Sunday, November 22, 2009

Super Avocado

What's Micio scurrying away from there on the left? Why, it's the Attack of the GIANT Avocado!

No, not really. But the fruit was indeed enormous. I wish I had measured it. It was huge. More like the size of a...I don't of those toy footballs. It overflowed two hands cupped.

The avocado flavor was there but subtle -- other than texture and looks, the fruit really isn't what you would expect from an avocado. It was sweet and refreshing even. Very surprising. I thought for sure it would be too big to be good tasty. Like a giant watered down version of its more normal sized brethren. I was wrong. It's more like a distant cousin with merits all its own. I got it at Seafood City Supermarket which caters to the large local Philippine community. I think they called it a Vietnamese Avocado. A little research tells me that Avocado Shakes are a common Vietnamese treat! Hmm...this would definitely be a yummy shake!

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