Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Respect for Grandma

We took Mike up to Rose Hills to pay respects to Grandma. It was simple. No roast pig, rice, fruit, brandy, burning of notes. Just flowers cut from my dad's garden and several sticks of sandlewood incense. It was a lovely day.

It was fun to listen to Mike as he was flooded with memories. He, his brother, his mom and dad all invaded our house every summer for years. We even picked up some cool drinks at the drive-thru of the McDonald's! We used to stop there after each and every visit to Rose Hills. In those days, we'd go up the hill several times over the summer. For hours the adults whiled away the time, sipping cups of coffee in the cool of the air conditioning while us kids ran amuck at the Miniature Golf and Arcade place next door. We spent hours there. Hours.

Sergio and Mike then spent the afternoon strumming the guitar. Sergio was teaching Mike how to play a few notes. Mike was a quick study! We both hope Mike stays true to his word and continues to practice when he can. He was having so much fun!

P.S. Did you know, Rose Hills is the largest cemetery in the United States?

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