Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veterans Day Parade

We luckily snagged a sidewalk table at Auntie Em's in time for the Northeast L.A. Veterans Day Parade. It was a small affair and so charming. Our local government representatives were part of the parade, as were plenty of veterans for whom we clapped heartily. "Thank you," one of the vets yelled out. "No, THANK YOU!" we yelled back. Very perplexing was the kid's glee club from the Church of Scientology. It was strange. The kids sang and tried to pass out pamphlets to the parade watchers. We said no thank you and the little girl happily skipped away. It was an odd moment for me. Suddenly I was angry, sad, and annoyed, all at the same time. Anyway, Mike tried his first Red Velvet cupcake here. Appropriately, this place was also featured on a Food Network show. Apparently, Bobby Flay had a Red Velvet cupcake throwdown with the chef here. A little research tells me that she lost. :( But, I still love 'em.

Later that evening, I made a yummy soup. Shrimp and fish balls with lemongrass, parsley, cilantro, vinegar, vegetable broth...what else. Mom and Mike had two helpings each! Success!! I meant to do mussels but I guess they're not in season. Jenny made pesto mashed potatoes. Mom made a type of asian veggie soup. Chi made smoked tri tip that was even better than the last time!! How could that be possible?! Also, it was this night when we had the delicious wine, not the Friday Thai take-out night. Whoops. I guess all the food has made my brain a little mushy.

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