Friday, November 27, 2009

What I did instead of Thanksgiving

I snapped photos of kitty noses. Adorableness.

I also ate lunch.

Sergio ran out to pick up yummy pho noodle soup for me, the sicky. Exactly what I wanted and needed. Added a few squirts of Sirarcha to clear the sinuses. He had bun (pronounced: boon).

I'm feeling so much better today. Sergio's turn, unfortunately. :( But, he must be stronger than I because it's not hitting him as hard. Thank goodness.

Following is a quick lesson in....

Mia Stalking!

1) You must catch her whilst she naps out in the open. Vulnerable, comfy and cute.

2) It is only in this befuddled half-sleep stage that you can get up close.

3) If you are not stealthy enough, she will wake.

4) She will not be amused.

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