Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving, wait.

I had grand plans to make the stuffing tonight. And brine the turkey. And bake the purple chips. Set the table. Grand plans I tell you.

I suppose a suitable alternative is what I'm actually doing right now. I am parked on the couch, under a blanket, half watching one of the matrix movies on AMC. You see, I'm sick. Yep. Happened today, started this morning with a little twinge in my body as I walked into the office. Now, a plastic bag to catch used tissues sits next to me. (was that TMI?) I've just boiled water for tea. I've postponed Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully I'll perk up by Saturday!

'Til then...Have a wonderful holiday! Eat well and be very, very merry. Take your vitamins and please, please, get enough sleep!!


P.S. I'm trying to NOT buy this pillow. (Heart Pillow by Alexander Girard.) Really, I'm not. I saw it on someone else's blog and instantly wanted it. (What IS it with me and hearts these days?) I'm facing hours of listless wading through the interwebs so I don't know if I'll win. But really, I'd win either way. It's so lovely.

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  1. Hey Elsie, I hope you feel better soon. Henri say him too. Henri also wants me to say that he likes your blogs about food, and of course when there are pictures of Sergio :)