Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 Semi-Annual Holiday Potluck!

Friends and family gathered in my home, enjoying each other's company, food & wine...perfection. So, I was a little sad last year when we couldn't host our annual holiday potluck party. We were intensely househunting at the time and just couldn't muster the oomph to pull it all together.

This year though, we were looking forward to it! We became a no-shoes household fairly quickly after our house warming party experience in the Summer. Funky holiday socks were highly encouraged! And there were certainly those who came through!! Albert sported a long pair of lederhosen inspired knee socks that ran suggestively up to his knees. Teeny reindeer and holiday wreathes adorned Rebecca's toes, adorably peeping out from the cuff of her jeans.

I think though, Rodney and Michael win for best couple socks. They each wore a pair that almost matched the other! Both featured toes and penquins. Michael's was peppermint red and white with a giant penguin face on top. Snowflakes and penguins tumbled across Rodney's blue pair which even had faux-ermine trim! So cute. Though Sheila and Jay did not have true holiday socks on, they deserve a mention for just wearing patterns. Mine were raucous holiday argyle, almost knee-socks with faux fur trim as well. Very comfy actually and I plan to wear these (in the house) all winter long.

Everyone brought a great dish to share. For once, I refrained from putting out the crazy overload of food in addition to the spread of potluck dishes. I think it worked out better. It wasn't so overwhelming. Sergio did a good job putting up the holiday lights -- especially in the Sunroom where I set up a hot chocolate station. The colorful lights created the perfect cozy glow. I glamed it up in new red dress, though, as Diana pointed out, I guess the socks totally killed the illusion. Ah well. I think I loved my outfit all the more for them! :)

It turned out to be a smaller affair than usual for this party. But I think it's nicer this way. Sergio and I got to speak to almost everybody! And you know, someone needs to remind me to get a picture of me and Sergio together. We actually never remember to get one at our own parties. Too busy chattin' it up and having a great time with great people.

Happy Holidays!! Thanks you all for coming. You guys are the best and hope you had a good time.



Check out the cool candle puddle we found in the guest bathroom at the end of the night! These were the candles that Alpna gave me.

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