Friday, December 18, 2009

World's 50 Best Design Blogs - more for me to obsess over!

If you check out my list of bookmarks or blogs that I stalk, you will see that many relate to design of some sort -- usually with a DYI or vintage vibe. Unsurprisingly, this near obsession began when we moved into a home of our very own. I check these blogs religiously and am sad when my favorites decide to take a break for a few days. If they go on break for more than a week? Well, it nears personal offense. How dare they take breaks? They are not human. They are design superstars who I admire and most continually produce amazing-ness so I can constantly consume. nom, nom, nom.

Anyway, I happily discovered that TimesOnline UK put together a list of the word's 50 best design blogs:

I already had several of them bookmarked and Apartment Therapy is a personal favorite...but there is still a treasure more to be discovered on the list. More to keep me occupied!

Yes, I'm a little late in posting this. The story was published about three days ago I think. However, I've been sidelined, yet again, by another bug. This time of the stomach variety. Yes. Awful. I've been in bed for two days. Almost literally. Double-quadruple ugh.

But (I exclaim brightly) our big holiday party is tomorrow night and I'm all perked up now to clean, set up and host! really.

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