Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Crochet Pendant Lamp

Finally, in all its glory. The crochet lamp. It had been sadly relegated to a temporary spot on our temporary clothing rack since move in day. (Yes, we need more closet space too.) Actually, we've been holding onto this lamp since last spring. It was before our house was even on the radar of possibility! In fact, you can see it in Sergio's mock up of a potential before & after during our househunt, way back in May.

This wonderous beauty was purchased at the Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic going out of business sale, Glendale Americana. (I followed the sad bankruptcy story via her and her fan blogs & blogs and am glad that she managed to save the NYC and her original Santa Monica storefronts.) The large pendant was considerably marked down but still more than we wanted to pay, especially since we hadn't even bought the house yet! We left and returned a few times. The clincher was when I spied another girl asking about it and I felt this territorial urge about my lamp. Yes, we fell into the trap of furnishing the mythical house during the househunt.

We couldn't quite figure out where to hang it once we moved in because of its size. Any of the usual placement locations would require head ducking awkwardness. But then I saw a post of bedside lamps roundup on AT.

Hey, I can do that! Next to the bed! The crochet lamp is now one of our bedside lamps. It hangs above a couple of really cool nesting tables made from reclaimed wood that we picked up for $3 (yes, three) at a prop sale. Coincidentally, we know those were also originally from Shabby Chic! (More on that later.) I think I may have to prowl around for a task lamp similar to the yellow one in the photo for the other side of the bed. Look at how f*ing rad the Jielde is (right)!! Locally, Mohawk carries them. But at $500+, it will remain a dream. I'm patient though. I'll thrift something similar eventually....

But back to the crochet. Admittedly, my bedroom is not nearly as well styled as the one in the photo. Had my bed been made, I may have considered posting a wider shot that included the tables and the bed. Maybe this weekend. Meanwhile, feast on some closeups!

BTW: The lamp is available at RianRae. Unfortunatly, it's full price there.


  1. I dig the lamp Elsie. I hope we can visit you guys soon, your place sounds increasingly awesome :)

  2. I hope you guys come soon too! and I hope we can ONE DAY visit you guys, even if we have to bunk with the kid in the hallway. :)