Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Super Streisand

Oh lookie here what we found at our favorite thrift shop. Babs, in all her 1977, Jheri curl deliciousness. I'm not the biggest fan of her music. I acknowledge the immense vocal talent and all...just not my type. But this? Outrageously cute, simple, clean and sexxy design? That is my type. No, we don't have a record player. And I don't think this is even one of her better albums. But come on! It's a Superman symbol emblazoned Barbra in tube socks! Pure silliness, I know. I walked over to the register thinking it was 75 cents. Turns out, it was half off and with tax, was only 41 cents! (Aww man...I'm thinking I should've picked up the 1980 duet cover with Barry Gibb too!)

The Superman cover features Barbra demurely enticing in one of those "have to pee" poses that current starlets have reengineered for slightly more modern times.

Oh but the back cover is the best. So cheeky B, so cheeky.

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