Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Duck Tacos!!

Cacao Mexicatessen

When the weekend comes along, as it inevitably does, there is also, inevitably, the juncture in time where we sit in the car, hungrily asking each other, "Where do you want to go?" "I dunno, what do you feel like having?" "Not sure, how about you?" "Um....dunno..." It's pathetic and it can go on for-ever. We always end up at the Coffeetable or some noodle place.

But then...lightbulb!

I remembered the LA Weekly review on Cacao Mexicatessen that Helene sent us during the week. We parked and as we walked up , I spied an adorable little baby face peeking over a shoulder. Hmm... I thought: That looks like Elodie. That would be crazy if Helene and Kini were here too. Then I saw Helene! And then Kini and then Bridget who was holding Elodie close. Hilarious! I guess we all had the same idea after reading the review. They were just leaving so after a quick chat, we got to grab their primo patio spot.

Sergio only wanted a couple of duck tacos a la carte. I ordered one and also the soup of the day: Chicken Albondigas. I tell ya, it is soo hard for me to resist a good soup. Of course, when the soup came, it was the size of a salad bowl. No joke. So, I took a single bite of the DELICIOSO duck taco and gave the rest to Sergio. I honestly don't know how I resisted taking another bite. Well, probably because the soup was so damned good too. The chicken was so light and fluffy. I squeezed in all the lime on the table, tossed in the cilantro/onion mix and oh-so-good. So good. The pic up top is of my Hibiscus Agua Fresca. The lady said it was Jicama but it was clearly not. No matter. It was perfect. Not too sweet. We give the place an A+! Fortunately we took Helene and Bridget's advice, managing to avoid any too spicy items. Our meal was so fresh and light. I heard a satisfied eater remark as he walked out, "This is the best I've ever felt walking out of a Mexican restaurant." And pretty true for us on this occasion. I saw that they serve menudo on the weekends. Next time...


The previous week's storms left a picturesque snowy mountain view behind. Nevermind that truck-stop vibe in the bottom half of the photo. We were in an industrial area checking out a vendor for rocky wall facing. Sergio has a great project in mind for the backyard.

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