Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Elodie came to visit! I believe she is the first baby to visit our house. She brought Helene and Kini too. :)

We had a nice brunch and chat, then Kini dispensed his sage advice on whether we would be able to build a deck off our back door ourselves. He built a series of decks that climbs up their backyard hillside, by himself. It's pretty amazing. So, Kini, Master Deck Builder, thinks we can do our easy-peasy single-level deck ourselves. Hm. I'm flattered. I have mad skills in many areas of life. Honestly though, I seriously doubt my deck building skills. But, Sergio does have building experience so it should be, er, fun.

...I'm getting a's a bit foggy...but...I see Sergio...and he's building the deck! Wait...where am I? Where am I? I don't seem to be in attendance....(tee hee!)

While Sergio and Kini were checking out the backyard, us ladies sat at the couch and I had a mini-photo session with Elodie. She had this really cute little smile--but she immediately wiped it off as soon as the camera came up. I think she wants to maintain a stoic public image.

(almost got that smile. almost.)

Don't you just want to eat that cuteness all up?