Thursday, January 21, 2010

elauinc Spotlight: Behind the Seams

Back in August 2009, I posted about Pia Jane Bijkerk. Hope you enjoyed your visit with her. I'm thinking of adding blog spotlights as a regular elauinc occurrence. We'll see how "regular" I manage to keep them...but I'll try.
In addition to home design blogs, I do also foster a healthy obsession with fashion blogs. Behind the Seams is one I discovered recently. Not sure where I was -- floating around online somewhere -- when I stumbled upon Trang Huyen's blog, just as she was about to win's America's Most Stylish Blogger contest. You can see all her entries here.

Love her style and DIY-ness. I am envious of her talent and beautiful-ness.

Does she really live her life looking so pretty every day? Like every single day? sigh. Even if it's only 50% of her days...that's still pretty amazing.

Here she is in her v-day inspired outfit. love.

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