Friday, January 22, 2010

Remake Clutch MINE!

I came home today (after a very lovely jewelery party with a bunch of lovely ladies btw) and lookie what treasure was waiting for me! Sergio had called me at work to tell me but I had forgotten already.

I had posted about Clare Vivier during the summer. I've been lusting after her bags for quite some time. I still hadn't actually purchased anything, probably because I haven't actually seen the bags in person yet. Online shopping is fab and all...but there is something about actually touching and feeling something before buying. But then, her Remake clutch was in Target's Red Hot Shop! Actually, I saw the first version right when it was posted and was too slow. So, lucky lucky, Target re-ordered and she was able to deliver. And then I found a Target giftcard in my wallet. was free shipping. So...ordered, and a few days my hot little hands.

I feel a bit badly that the bag was produced in Echo Park, just a nabe or two over from mine, shipped to Minnesota (Target), and then it shipped back here, to me. Not sure what to do about that. ugh. Maybe, I just need to go to one the stores that carry the items and check out her wares in person.

Argh. Just checked our her blog to snag some of the URLs for the links above and saw that she is adding a new bag to the line, tomorrow. And I like it. I really do. I've been wanting a snazzy bag to sling across my shoulder. For reals. I should just give up trying to resist.

To paraphrase a Lior-ism: I just need to find that big bag of money already.

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