Sunday, January 31, 2010

Feeling Golden

It was a gold kind of weekend. Woke up ridiculously early on Saturday morning and caught a bit of the sunrise from our front yard. It was very pretty and the birds were just chirping hello to the morning light.

Please use the Italian Cypress as a reference point of where the image overlaps. I did a quick search for image stitching software but got lazy. Y'all will just have to fire up the ol' imagination synapses.

Bringing the BLING:

Earrings are from a yard sale a few weekends ago; Rings from another yard sale just last weekend. The sweet little swallow charm is from Sergio! He purchased it from a jewelry shop in town when we were last in Sutri. It dangles from two different chains I connected to make one long one, both gifted to me by my mom from years past. I was extremely tempted to tap into my inner Mr. T by wearing both rings at once. But I ain't tough enough.

Check out this nugget of shortbus awesomeness:

I wanted to put it into my pocket and take it home for Micio to drive. If only she weren't such a spaz.

Here she is bathing in sunlight, sitting dignified as Dr. Jekyll one second and then twisting like crazy Ms. Hyde
quite literally, the next. Why are you so spazzy Micio? Spaz.

We are lucky to call the owner of this golden voice our neighbor and frequent visitor:

I did manage to stitch 3 videos here -- all recorded while Sergio was working on the credenza I had mentioned in my recent Living Room post. I'm saving those pics for my next post.

We ended the weekend with Avatar. Don't my moms and I look hott in our golden 3D glasses?

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