Thursday, January 28, 2010

Living Room - almost there

Not sure if you all remember the tour of our old living room. It was super cozy and our favorite room in house. Thought it was about time to show off our current living room. Luckily, we didn't have to do much work to the room before jumping into the fun of furnishing and decorating.



Yes, our walls are still ALL white and it's fine, for now. It's not quite finished yet...maybe it never will be judging by the furniture/decor near-frenzy we've been on lately. (Did I mention that including the one in use now, we own a total of four coffee tables? Yes, it's a sickness. We plan to sell them...) We intentionally stuck with a stark black and white base and are slowly picking out shots of color. Plus, I need to unpack some of the family photos. And I need to unearth a few of the many little ... tchotchke treasures I've got squirreled away.

Still, we're pretty proud of what we've done so far. Mostly secondhand pieces and if not, then on sale or from a pretty affordable store.
  • Couch: Craigslist (thank you AT Scavenger!)
  • Chairs: Reupholstered roadside purchases ;Fabric from Home Fabrics in Downtown LA (see the chairs before at right)
  • Lamps: Estate Sale in the Valley
  • Coffeetable: Secondhand from Revival Furniture
  • End tables: Estate Sale in Pasadena
  • Green Ceramic Garden Stool: Marshall's!
  • Ginko Leaf Sculpture: Pot-ted on sale
  • Blue Boston Map Screenprint (Target frame): Ork Posters
  • Manhattan city map poster waiting to be framed: IKEA
  • "Macdowell" painting, small blue, wood frame: Gift from Nora Kersch, painter
  • Blue curtains: Home Fabrics in Downtown L.A.
  • White curtains: IKEA
  • Pillows, black w/white stitching: IKEA
There is one last piece we've been aching to switch out -- the TV stand. In the photo, we are using an IKEA table we purchased from a family who was moving to Sweden, oh, about 7 years ago. egads. 7!!! Jesus Heh-soos. We met the family to purchase our beloved teak dining set -- the husband threw in the IKEA table for a small additional fee.

Anyway, we picked up another Craigslist find Sunday afternoon! It's a cabinet that I will henceforth refer to as the TV credenza because it sounds fancy. It's a bit beat up but it was cheap and the kindly Silver Lake girly who sold it to us also delivered it for free! Super super nice.

We plan to sand and stain it this weekend. Hopefully I remember to take a few "before" photos of it before we do. Hmm...maybe I will also finally paint the shoe bench in the entryway, henceforth referred to as the vestibule because it sounds fancy. :)


  1. Wow, it looks perfect Elsie. Right out of an interior design magazine :)

  2. Thanks Mart! If only some of our current disaster zones looked this polished. (Bedroom, office, outside area, garage..) One room at a's been so much fun tho. thank goodness our fave places to shop are secondhand stores. and IKEA. :)

  3. I must say, I am quite impressed!

  4. Aw, thanks Karen! Sounds like you're having a fab time in Prague!