Saturday, January 9, 2010

First party of 2010!

Kathleen and John helped us start 2010 off right by hosting a fab shindig at their cool apartment. The place is infused with a clean mix of vintage modern style that totally reflects them. And we got to meet Mallory (sp?) the cat. She looks like a very dainty, senior version of Mia (who is anything but dainty). Lots of bubbly and vino was imbibed -- resulting in a mini-dance party. There was a really in-depth conversation about finding and losing Kathleen's eyelashes at one point. I don't remember how the topic came up. Also, I need to remember to use the flash more, especially after a few drinks. I wasn't able to hold the camera still and people ended up with four eyes! And I wish I took out the camera sooner to get more pics than of just us. There were a bunch of people, many from work. Oh! And Betsy had an incredible Bridget Jones moment with a Brit. It was classic. Oh god I hope we remember that story clearly enough to retell at future parties. We had great time. Thanks K&J!

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