Monday, January 11, 2010


I suppose, if I had stayed home and actually rested instead of gone out and partied just as I was getting better, I wouldn't be home from work now. I was on my way to work when one of my cough attacks happened and I almost caused an accident. So, I promptly pulled off the freeway and came home to make an appointment with my doctor. Let's see...we calculate that it's been just shy of two weeks now that I've been sick. Very irritating.

Thanks to Quynh though, I get to wear these wonderful slippers while I'm at home, waiting to go to my appointment:

Love. No actual lamb is in these slippers. All man-made materials so I think they're even vegan! The most wonderful, cozy slippers ever!!! I had never heard of this line but Alpna apparently already has the pajamas that match. I've been wearing them sparingly because I don't want to muss them up too quickly. But, I think a sick day is a perfectly acceptable occasion to wear then ALL day.

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