Monday, January 18, 2010

L.A. engulfed by Monsoon!

Ok. Not really. But the 7-day weather forecast I watched on TV this past Sunday had clouds and raindrops dotted across the entire screen. They said it's going to be 3-4 storms hitting one right after the other. Every weather person on all local newscasts enjoyed way more airtime than usual so they could give the natives sufficient warning about the falling water -- lest some of us melt I suppose. And, the forecast was right! I guess it's hard to miss when there's a giant cloud/storm formation, rolling toward town, viewable via satellite. The rain has been nearly non-stop since Sunday afternoon. Weird. I know, it's only like a day. But still, it doesn't happen often. Hey, in fact, even Disneyland closed early today due to the rain.

In all seriousness though, it is kind of a big deal when the rain is this heavy. You see, we have what we refer to as fire season. Fire season is bad not only because it is dangerous to people, animals and homes, it burns up a bunch of hillside brush/trees. That means that after the fires are put out, there are no more plants whose roots help hold in the soil. That then equates to mudslide danger when there is finally some rain. This past fire season was especially bad which could mean potentially massive mudslides. As a precaution, there have been mandatory evacuations in the burn areas. Thankfully though, other than a few power outtages and fender benders it's been pretty quiet.

Anyway, rain always puts me in a soup mood. Actually, I'm always in a soup mood. Hm. Well, in honor of the rain, here are pics and a video from a soup and dumpling meal at my parent's house, from just before Christmas 2009. You can see both M & D working the stove. Dad made the a-ma-zing broth while Mom made the dumplings --which are more like little gnocchi. They are all dough, no filling. It has a slightly more gummy texture, kind of like soft bits of cheese in soup. But not cheesy. I don't remember what kind of dough though. I'll have to find out. She had never made these before. I think they are a type of dumpling from the region of China that her brother in law is from. I don't know where that is. She called up my aunt to ask for the recipe and technique. Then, they decided to make it the same night! How funny and sweet. One sister in LA, the other sister in NY, both making the same meal.

It was so yummy. Chinese people love carbs, let me tell you. We can eat carby dumplings, noodles, rice -- all at the same meal for daaaays!

mmmm....yummy. carbs. in soup. perfection.

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