Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shiny, sharp, metal things

I stopped in at EQ3 during my lunch on Friday and saw that they were having a killer floor model sale. I actually think they're closing the store. There was this air of...sad desperation. The sales people were friendly but really, didn't seem that into it. It's a modern furniture store hailing from our international neighbors just north. I suppose the merchandise is considered stylish. I can't say I loved much of anything there -- mostly had issue with the quality of materials -- but I did see that their rugs were way cheap, less than at IKEA?!? So, the next day, I dragged Sergio to it with hopes of leaving with a rug for the living room or bedroom. Of course, he didn't like any of them. When he said that if I really, really liked one of them, we should get it, I realized I didn't love any of them either. It was the price I was into. Then Sergio became minorly obsessed with their version of the arc lamp, also for the price. 65% off! But it was broken. The sales guy said he'd knock off a few more % and Sergio said he knew how to fix it...but still. It was broken and the telescoping pole seemed wonky. It's a little big for our space anyway. We decided to walk away and maybe return to check it out again if we really wanted it. (Less than stellar customer service at the register turned us off completely so there will be no returning.) However, we did leave with some new flatware! They are long and elegant and made in Portugal. I had recently finished collecting a fancy flatware design from Anthro too. I couldn't afford to purchase them all at once so I had been buying a couple sets at a time. The new EQ3 ones were marked 75% off. And, I did sorta love these. Actually, we both really do love these. So, SCORE! Now, added to the other set, we have full service for 16! Not that I can fit 16 around my table. I don't even have that many chairs. But still. One can never be too prepared.

The little dessert spoon is so darling! (I apologize for the bad quality of images. We've been meaning to put a higher wattage bulb in dining room overhead.)

I can't wait to use them!

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