Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rebecca turns 25! Or something like that.

Rebecca invited us out to celebrate her birthday last night at a Thai restaurant in Pasadena. Walking in, we were surprised to not recognize anyone except for Rebecca and Albert! But we we got to know Kirby and Steve who were so funny. (They've got a baby for lease if anyone is interested.) And apparently they are also really good at helping people move.

Post dinner drinks were had at another restaurant down the street. On the way back, we read the writing on the pavement to learn that Sergio has a unique way of spelling the word "was".

Oh, and we also learned that if Rebecca loves you, she will punch you -- not in the face though. I don't think. (Tee hee!)

Check out the cute couple!

Happy Birthday Rebecca!! It was so fun to hang out! We need to make it happen more often.

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