Friday, February 19, 2010

Celery Chic

Mart's recent post was in surprising alignment with mine. Key ingredient: Celery. Sergio made dinner last night. Fish n' Chips. "No vegetables?" I asked. His response: He tossed a couple branches of celery onto the plate. I'll have to suggest au gratin next time. The fish was really yummy though. It was such a pleasant surprise to come home from work and smell dinner almost ready. :)

In other news, I wore two mildly pulled together outfits in a row! Quite the feat for me and I'm kind of pleased. The first outfit was a good celery eating outfit. It would be an even better celery au gratin eating outfit (hint, hint). See that painting I blogged about earlier this week? There it is (above right), on its end. So sad. Soon dearie, soon.

(Please excuse the mess. I have set a goal to put everything in its place by inviting a bunch of people over next month. God help us if we are STILL not organized by then.)


Cropped Knit Cardigan: Label unknown, Gift from mom
Top: Ann Taylor, Crazy Sale (meaning, half off already discounted)
Belt: I stole it. It's one of Sergio's old belts and it's my favorite.
Jeans: Earnest Sewn, The Warehouse Sale
Earrings: Galit Barak
Shoes: Seychelles, Loehmann's


Wool dress: H&M, another Crazy Sale score!
Purse: Clare Vivier (still in love)
Vintage Metal Belt: Estate Sale, free! They threw it in with the other items we were buying. Free is the ultimate thrifty score, isn't it?
Earrings: Gift from Sergio, Palm Beach, FL. (Sorry, better pic next time!)
Boots: I don't remember exactly. I know it was from Shoe Pavilion or Shoe Warehouse or some other similar discount shoe store.

We'll see how long I keep this up. I'm on a self-imposed "no fashion shopping" hold so it's all about what I already own. I'm optimistic since I have enough to need another closet...but you know that feeling when you stare in your closet and you feel like you have nothing to wear? It's nearly paralyzing for me sometimes. Especially when I'm running late.


P.S. It was 80 degrees on Wednesday. And now, it's raindrops, mudslides, and evacuations again. The trees are confused and so am I.

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