Monday, February 15, 2010

Chinese New Year Dinner 2010

Once upon time, long, long ago, my sister and I awoke on Chinese New Year's morning, and ran over to my parents' bedroom shrieking Gung Hay Fat Choy! What was all the excitement about? A certain little red envelope (or lai see), that's what. We only ever received money on special occasions and always wrapped in a pretty red pocket. My parents would never relinquish the flat little treasures without hearing their children wish them a healthy and prosperous new year.

They still bestow us with the lai see even now. But honestly, it's the New Year's Eve dinner I look forward to most. And the offerings to the gods, burning of incense, candles and joss paper. The Eve dinner is traditionally the most important meal of the entire holiday. If it's one event that people trek home for from miles and miles away, this is it.

This year, we had it a day early and got Sergio into the act. :)


P.S. Check out that giant Chinese tamale (zhong) my mom's friend made and gave to her. Seriously, it's the size of like 6 or 7 put together!


P.P.S. I switched back to the old Blogger editor. It's too bad because the new version had a photo caption feature I was keen to test. But I hated it immensely. So glad to be back.

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